Wanted: Excellent Affiliates

If you're just doing affiliate work ONLY to make money, then please leave this page now!

That's right. We don't want "just anyone" to promote Declutter Fast.

And we take this a bit to extremes.

Why? Because some affiliates will promote anything. You can spot them a mile away!

They put up promotions that are all hype!!

They obviously have no clue about the product they're selling!

No one wants to buy from their emails because they're INSINCERE.

Affiliates like those do more harm than good for the industry.

Declutter Fast Is Different

But if you're NOT like those affiliates...

If your HEART is in this business... and you're honest... then read on!

Because Declutter Fast has been a very special book from the beginning.

You see, when Declutter Fast came on the scene, there was an IMMEDIATE buzz.

No one had ever created an ebook on how to declutter until Mimi created Declutter Fast!

The original is still the best.

Just ask the tens of thousands who subscribe to Mimi's Declutter Fast newsletter.

Proof? We're still the Number-One Seller on Decluttering on Clickbank!

And that's with only a few MIGHTY affiliates - who we vigorously protect!

Our Secret Success Formula

What has been the secret of Mimi's success with Declutter Fast?

It's this: Mimi never cared about making any money for herself with this book.

That's why she gives the maximum commission that Clickbank allows.

That's why she doesn't broadcast the affiliate program - so that her best affiliates can make the maximum money selling this book.

Almost all the proceeds of Declutter Fast go directly to affiliates. The rest go to our business costs.

Your Affiliate Link

To become an affiliate, sign up with Clickbank first.

Our Clickbank nickname is: inorder. You'll create your own nickname when you sign up.

Go Here to sign up. It's free. The first thing you will do is create a nickname for your account. (Don't use your last name or anything personal.)

You can start right away because there's no waiting for approval!

After you have your Clickbank affiliate nickname, place your affiliate nickname where it says "NICKNAME" below:


That's your link to promote this product on your website!

It's best if you "cloak" your affiliate link if you use it in an email. But on your website, you can use this link with no problem.

Important Affiliate Rules

There's one problem with a BUZZ and with success...

People attempt to "copy and paste" it. Or they attempt outright fraud.

Some we had to take legal action against to shut down.

You're not like that - or you wouldn't still be reading.

A few rules - do not use any of our videos on Youtube or on your website.

Simply talk about Declutter Fast in your own words and send them to our site - we will do the rest.

Do not use the trademarked name Declutter Fast without permission in a blog title or domain name. Please familiarize yourself with the promotion rules at Clickbank.com

Don't use "negative" buzzwords to get clicks - this is against Clickbank's rules as well as ours.

This web page may NOT be reprinted in whole or in part, and the images may NOT be printed elsewhere except with express written permission of the author.

This book may NOT be sold on web auctions, eBay, Yahoo Auctions, free ad sites, or anywhere other than THIS web page by using your affiliate link through Clickbank.

You're All Set!

You're good to go! You can start promoting Mimi's book right now.

Stay tuned for more information in Mimi's newsletter for affiliates.

Find out why our best affiliates have stayed with us year in and year out, creating their own unique promotions.

You don't need a lot of words - you just need to be SINCERE.

Your sincerity will stand out - it will make sales for you - and it will help people get rid of their clutter!

Declutter Fast: How To Get Your Home In Order Almost Immediately
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