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"Thanks so much...I have never had such quick response from a customer service dept. before.  And you answered my questions so thoroughly.  It will be a pleasure doing business with you!"

-Laurie, Nebraska

Is the book Declutter Fast sent to me by mail?

Declutter Fast is an ebook - it is delivered to you instantly on your computer - not by mail. You can print the book or read it on your computer just minutes after you order the book. You may email us to be notified when the printed version is ready.


Who is the author of the Bonus Book?

The author is Joe Vitale.  The Greatest Moneymaking Secret in History!


Should I call or contact "Clickbank" with any questions or for help? 

Clickbank is just the payment processor. They will simply contact us with your question, which delays your response time by one day. We will contact them for you if there is any need to reverse the charge to your card.  

What is your email for customer service?
Email us for customer service at help [at]

How long should I wait for a response?
We usually respond the same day if it is Monday through Friday.  It may take 24 hours to hear back from us.  Emails sent on Friday afternoon may not get a response until Monday. 


I don't like to give out my credit card details on the internet.

No one will actually have your credit information - it is automatically processed.  Clickbank is one of the world's largest sellers of ebooks and online information.  

What will my bank or credit card statement say so I can recognize this charge?

The charge will look something like this:  CLKBANK*COM     It will not say the name of this book.


What does it mean to "download" a book?

It only means that you are viewing the book on your computer, and that you can save it on your computer also.


But what if you want a PRINTED book? We have 2 options at present.

1. You can save your book on your computer and print it out.  It is formatted so that you can have it spiral bound at a local copy shop if you would like.  That costs only a few dollars.  You can also save the book on a disk and take it to a nearby Kinko's or printing place, and have them spiral-bind it for you.

2. A printed version will be available in the future. Either check back here or wait for the announcement in our newsletter.


I would like to interview Mimi Tanner for an article about clutter control.

Mimi has been frequently interviewed on this subject - send your request directly to Mimi at:

help [at]

My friend or relative is the biggest slob you ever met; I really want to get this book for her as a present.

Oops, we don't recommend that! She might be very upset if she feels that you're telling her she needs to get her act together.  It's better to let her decide that it's time to get organized!

I would like to sell this book to my customers.

You are welcome to offer this book on your website by sending your customers to our website by using your special affiliate link.  It's very easy to do this.

If your website is on the topic of organization and clutter control, you will find this book to be very popular with your audience, without directly competing with your own work, because Declutter Fast is unique. The best bonus for anyone with a website on getting organized is that when you offer Declutter Fast, you won't have to do any customer service.  We take care of that for you.  And you will earn 75% of each sale.  For details on  the affiliate program, contact us.


I have a question that you did not answer here.

No problem - write to help [at] for an answer.


When you order, stay there and don't click off the page.  The next page will tell you to Click Here to receive your order.

This will take you to a page to create your own log-in name and password.

I Can't Find My Password

If you have reached the book page before, then go here.  This will send you your information automatically.

If you just ordered, the email was sent to the email you provided when you ordered.  Check your Bulk/Spam folder.  It's probably there.  If not, the email was rejected by your email provider if you have high spam settings.

If You Want To Get Back To This Book, Here's How To Get Your Book Days, Weeks, or Years After You Ordered It

Go HERE and enter your Email Address.  This will automatically send you your Login and Password to the email address you used when you signed up.

Make sure you are connected to the Internet.  This will take you to the book and all the bonuses again!

Make sure to use the email address you gave us when you ordered.  Also, make sure to check your Bulk/Spam folder to see if this email went there.

Can I Save This Book and the Bonuses?

Yes.  Be sure to save the book to a place you can find it again.  Right click and choose "Save As" and save it to a place you'll remember.

Can I Print This Book?

Yes, you can print out a copy of this book for your own personal reading if you wish.

Do You Have a Hard Copy of This Book?

That is in the works. We will let you know right here when we offer a hard copy of this book.  If you email us at   help  at    we will notify you when the print book is available.   (Remove the spaces in that email address above.)

I Can't Find The Book On My Computer!

Go HERE and enter your Email Address.  This will automatically send you your Login and Password to the email address you used when you signed up.

Make sure you are connected to the Internet.  This will take you to the book and all the bonuses again!

What Is the Password to the Book?

Return to the Login Page and get the book again.  It may have been updated since you last got the book.

The Book Won't Open or Shows Nonsense Letters

This problem is easy to solve. 

1. Right Click and Save the Book on your Desktop but do not open it yet.

2. Go to your Desktop and RIGHT CLICK on the book.  This will open up a small gray box.

3. At the bottom of that book, choose PROPERTIES.

4. When you go to Properties, look for "Opens With"

5. Change "Opens With" to Adobe Reader

6. Click OK.

The book should open now.

The Download Page Doesn't Work

Make sure you are connected to the Internet. The link does work.


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