Recommended Websites on Getting Organized

I have many FAVORITE Decluttering and Organizing resources, because this topic has been a passion of mine for life! Here are just a few of them for the big fans of getting decluttered.

These are my greatest long-term personal favorites. I never get tired of reading the work of these two people:

Shirley Conran, author of Superwoman (and much more)

One of my childhood influences on the organized home is Shirley Conran's wonderful book Superwoman: For Every Woman Who Hates Housework.

That is one of my all-time favorites which I read again and again. Shirley Conran is such an amazing writer that her words and mental images from the book have stayed with me since the time I bought her book in the 1970s!

Yes, Shirley, I grind my own coffee beans... because of you!

(She was way ahead of her time there... this was before the entire would could not live without espresso and lattes.)

What a read. Fantastic.

Get the hardcover version. This book is a keeper. It's much more than advice on running your home. It was written in the prime of the women's movement when women were moving AWAY from being proud of a well-scrubbed floor.

Shirley is the cool friend we all want to know who shows us how she makes drudgery both easy and impressive.

Just read it. Now.

Here's an article where Shirley dishes out some of her inimitably cool and fun advice..

Don Aslett, author of countless books on organizing and cleaning

I'm also a huge fan of everything by Don Aslett. I've been reading his books for years.

I also highly recommend all books on Voluntary Simplicity. Very inspiring!

A few years ago, I discovered this website called Disposophobia - you just have to see the before and after photos - oh, and the Disposophobia Video is not to be missed!

- Mimi Tanner, Author of Declutter Fast

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