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     Mimi Tanner is the author of the definitive guide to decluttering, Declutter Fast: How To Get Your Home In Order Almost Immediately, which has sold tens of thousands of copies since its publication in 2006.

Declutter Fast has been cited in numerous publications and other media, including the Smithsonian Magazine Online. It is the original and most widely read book that focuses specifically on the topic of decluttering.

Mimi says, "I firmly believe that clutter or the lack of clutter affects all facets of our lives.

"First of all, clutter affects our mood. In our homes, every day we see either clutter or no clutter - or a combination of both. And this is a daily reinforcement of so many things, starting with our mood.

"It affects our self-confidence, because the level of our clutter sends us a message about our competence.

"This is where we have to be watchful. We can't let clutter get us down, especially since we're actively doing something about it!

"Things begin to build. From our mood and our confidence, the next stop is our productivity, which is profoundly affected by mood and confidence!

"The clutter affects our social lives to some extent. If we feel good about our homes, then we feel good about people visiting us. If we have clutter in our homes, then we don't want people to come over!

"Decluttering allows us to move forward in our lives in any area at all. It frees us.

"The effort to declutter even a LITTLE is always greatly rewarded. And it also brings encouragement to declutter even more."

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