You know that feeling when someone shows up at your door unexpectedly?

That knock-knock-knock when you're right in the middle of something...

"Who's THAT?? Some salesman??"

"I'm NOT expecting anyone..."

You quietly peek through the peephole, trying not to make a sound in case you need to pretend you're not home. HA!!

"Oh God, it's Nancy."

You open your door to your neighbor Nancy, who sails right in before you can attempt to keep the convo at the door.

"Why me?" you think as you chat along with Nancy.

"My place is a disaster!! I'd really like to have some warning before people come over. Haven't they heard of calling first??"

You try to fake-smile, but inside, an anxiety attack is building...

"Nancy's home is always perfect. What must she be thinking???"

"Meanwhile, my home is a PIGSTY!!"

After Neighbor Nancy leaves, you start putting yourself down.

"Seriously - how could I let things get this bad??"

"I've TRIED to tackle this house so many times. But I just end up right back where I started, exhausted and frustrated beyond belief!

"Every time I try to organize things, it actually gets WORSE!"

You are not alone.

Millions of people feel the same way Sarah does.

You truly deserve to live in a home that is peacefully organized and exactly the way you want it.

But instead, every day, you face the clutter that is getting in the way of the life you deserve.

Every week you tell yourself you're going to work on the clutter.

You start decluttering and get overwhelmed, because you don't know where to start.

You can't get the energy to work on the piles of stuff.

So the clutter sits there day after day, staring you in the face.

Sometimes you don't even see the clutter, but in the back of your head, it's making you depressed!

Some of this stuff isn't even yours, but you're stuck with it anyway!

When you do start a decluttering project - you end up with a worse mess than you started with!

All this leads to less and less energy and just feeling TOO TIRED to try!

It's true. CLUTTER is keeping you from having the life you deserve.

That's because clutter is more than just clutter.

Clutter creeps in and sneaks up on you, like a thief.

Clutter robs you of happiness and energy.

Clutter keeps you from reaching your goals, day after day.

But starting today, you can break free from the clutter that's getting in the way of your life and your joy.

You're Not Alone, Because Most People Have a Clutter Problem!

That's right - most people have a clutter problem.

That's why there are so many "Get Organized" books!

There are even TV shows about people with wall-to-wall clutter... so the rest of us can hopefully say,

"My problem is not that bad... yet!"

The good news is that it really doesn't matter how bad your own clutter is, because there is a way to conquer the clutter...

To start with, here are two secrets I want you to know.

Secret #1

It takes MUCH less time to declutter than it does to look at piles of clutter and feel bad day after day after day.

The time we spend fretting about our clutter and putting ourselves down is time we could be enjoying our surroundings and feeling like a winner.

You may have already tried several of those books on how to get organized. Some of them are great. Others make you feel exhausted just looking at the Table of Contents!!

Why make this task harder than it needs to be?

You can declutter your home EVEN IF YOU WANT TO KEEP ALL YOUR STUFF.

(But I hope you want to get rid of MOST of it. That will make your life so much easier.)

Secret #2

When you create order in your life, and see how good that feels, most other people are still going to have their clutter problem. But you won't.

I won't tell a soul if you feel a teensy bit superior! After all, you earned it by following the methods I'm going to tell you about.

Try not to turn into a Decluttering Evangelist - but it's hard not to once you realize how truly easy it is to create order in your home even overnight.

I know this sounds hard to believe. But you'll be surprised how quickly you can go from living in a depressing disaster - to living in a home that makes you feel proud every day.

The difference between depression and happiness is waking up to a home that cheers you up every single day. This energizes you to reach all your goals.

History Lesson: How Your Clutter Added Up

Have you ever thought about your Clutter History? You probably have.

You weren't born with all this stuff!!

Let me guess - when you first started out in your adult life, you bought LOTS OF STUFF.

You didn't have much stuff at first, but in just a few years, it was a different story!!

Then whenever it was time to move, it was a freaking nightmare.

You found yourself moving boxes of stuff - and sometimes you didn't even know what was in the boxes, because you hadn't looked in them in years.

Confession Time

Like most people, I bought tons of stuff over the years. I bought hundreds of books, too. I couldn't pass up a yard sale without buying some cool piece of furniture. Years of this behavior led to more and more STUFF.

Finally I STOPPED accumulating stuff - but I couldn't make a dent in getting rid of the years of stuff I had accumulated.

Every time I tried to declutter, I'd go down a "rabbit hole."

I'd get sidetracked by papers and objects I hadn't seen in years.

I started organizing things and made a bunch of file folders... but did I finish organizing everything? No.

The worst part was that I couldn't figure out where to put everything. There simply was not enough room.

But for a long time, the clutter wasn't such a big deal. Why? Usually I had a garage where I could park EVERYTHING (except the car).

After the kids grew up, my home had NO garage. That's where the trouble started...

So what did I do? Sometimes I just blissfully ignored cluttered areas. But usually, every time I looked at rooms that had STUFF, it drained my energy.

It affected my mood, my confidence, my happiness, my motivation, and my work!

So finally I got a storage space and just hauled everything in there.

That worked great for a while... (except for the monthly storage bill which kept increasing...)

Then later, my relatives passed away and guess who had to deal with all their STUFF???

So I got a bigger storage place - the size of a small studio apartment! Then I paid the ever-increasing bill for YEARS.

(When I add up how much I spent on storage spaces... I don't even want to think about it!!)

When the monthly storage bill got shockingly high, I decided enough was enough. I emptied the storage place out and brought everything BACK to my home. (The same home with no garage and no storage place.)

Now I was saving hundreds every month... but I had a disaster of epic proportions!! So much stuff and nowhere for it to go!

More than half of my home was FULL of STUFF, including boxes I hadn't opened in well over a DECADE, not to mention OTHER PEOPLE'S STUFF - including people who were no longer living!

Oh, and I knew that if I got rid of my mom's beautiful stuff, she would have a fit from beyond the grave...

The "stuff" felt like a bottomless pit that would never end!

What a nightmare. Talk about depressing!!!

I felt stuck. I felt lazy. And I felt trapped!!

Surely life was not supposed to be like that!

Clutter is the Worst!!!

There's nothing that drains your energy more than living with clutter.

Your basic STUFF should not have a hold on you.

It should not get in the way of your life!

But here's the crazy part; I have always LOVED reading books about getting decluttered and organized.

I spent so much time getting into this subject and loving it, and yet, now here I was having this exact same problem!!

And what's worse, I was starting to almost not even care!!

(I did care, but I pretended to myself I didn't so I could get through the day with as little stress as possible.)

My dream was to have a perfect home where relatives and friends could come visit and the house would look like as dreamy as a bed and breakfast inn!!

I knew that's what I wanted to wake up to every morning too. I'd look at older pictures of the inside of my home and think, "My home used to look so adorable - WHAT HAPPENED??"

And I found that my cherished books on decluttering were mainly INSPIRING... but they didn't have the solutions that I really needed.

So it was time for me to take my passion for decluttering solutions and come up with my own!!

And over the years, I finally found a way you can get things organized on your own terms, in your own time: fast, slow or a little of both!

I fully admit that some of my methods are a bit controversial because some people give me a LOT of flack for my methods - BUT THEY WORK.

My name is Mimi Tanner, and thank God, I'm NOT a professional organizer! I've been accused of a lot of things, and being professional is not one of them.

But I am passionate about the subject of decluttering, and always have been - despite my own frequent clutter challenges!!

I tried just about every method to get control of my clutter.

I read every book on the subject there was, and I loved most of those books.

Some of them inspired me - but the clutter still OWNED me.

After years of seeking solutions but not getting very far, I finally had to get real.

I had to get EXTREME about decluttering.

I had to do what actually worked, whether other people approved or not!

And I found a better way to get order in my life.

This way is not for everyone - I'll grant you that...

But there is nothing in this world that feels quite the same as looking around your home and seeing it in order JUST the way you've been wanting it to look for so long.

I want you to live every day with the peace of mind and soul that results from having your home exactly the way you want it - where you are in control of your stuff, and not the other way around.

And it gets better. The effect of decluttering will open door after door for you.

Decluttering releases the bonds that have been holding you back.

Decluttering ignites the fire of energy within you - energy you didn't even know you had!

The stress in your face and body will melt away and your confidence will return.

Things start to fall into place in every area of your life when you get things in order!

What Readers Are Saying:

"Mimi...Your program 'Declutter Fast' is excellent, inspirational, concise, ORGANIZED and much needed...! Thank you for the great information and ideas. I will put them to work - immediately - and end a life of 'clutter'....

"Coincidentally, when I got your email, I had just taken a break from cleaning, or sorting, or just getting 'stuff' out of the way so that I could get to other 'stuff'. What a mess...!

"And, in a few days (or less) I would have been tackling it all again. But, now that I have been enlightened and inspired, my 'clutter' days are almost over..."

-- Carol Grad

"Hi Mimi,

"You always seem to know what's on my mind!

"Like this time, decluttering was definitely priority #1. I have all these 'demons' under my bed, you know old papers and stuff, suitcases etc. I did start out on my own with the decluttering and was I overwhelmed! I would spend a lot of time reading the papers and going down memory lane, seemed as if it would take ages before the area below my bed became 'demon free'.

"So, I grabbed your program and actually applied the tips before even reading it till the end. Tonight, I have very few 'demons' troubling my sleep. Also, I've managed to create some empty space in my closet for that special someone yet to enter my life.

"Know what, Mimi, I like your style, it puts one into action.

"Regards, Neeti"

"Clutter, says author Mimi Tanner, sends a signal that your unfinished business has power over you. Was Mimi in the garden peeking in my windows? I've spent 18 months fatigued by what Mimi calls 'the tyranny of clutter'. I've claimed to be sorting for a move.

"This amazing little program made me face that I've been pretending, most of all to myself. Broken hearts don't want to move on; what I truly desired was to turn back time.

"I've put Mimi's simple methods into place and the chaos is rolling away, leaving space for a kinder time."

-- Julie

Houston, Texas

"I have already started using the methods that Mimi recommends, and hoping that it will work for me, as I attempt to declutter in time to entertain for the holidays. Thanks for your assistance with this, and I'll give you all feedback on how well I'm able to get the MESS that my home has become in order!

"Happy Holidays to you and yours!"

-- Louise


"I bought your program and it is great. Thank you! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!

"I'm so happy to be able to get started on the program. My house already has less clutter now. Thanks so much for your support. Thank you ever so kindly.


"I love this program. The more I read, the more I LOVE!!!!!!!

"You are more than welcome to put any of this on the website. I'm so excited to get started, just pray I'm a success!!! (Try, try again...I WILL get it!!!) Thank you SOOOO much for all of your help and encouragement."

-- Ivey

"Thank you very much. I love the material. It is so helpful!"


"I bought "Declutter Fast" and it's been a veeeerry big help with getting my new and very small apartment together... lots more to do but Declutter Fast is my bible for the project.

"Try it, you'll like it!"

-- Sarah B.


"I just purchased Declutter Fast, and at first was dubious that it would contain anything new from all the other decluttering methods I have read.

"I am so surprised and glad to have found this unique system!

"The idea of fast decluttering appeals to me; I am always looking for new, fresh ideas in this area, and I too enjoy reading about decluttering.

"Can't wait to finish this program!"

-- T. R.

"I bought "Declutter Fast" about a month ago and it's great, Mimi. It's the first advice of its kind that has worked for me. Well done."

-- Corrine

"Thank you so much. I LOVE LOVE all your advice."

-- Eileen

"I read the Declutter Fast System last night -- marked it all up with notes and diagrams of my house -- and think it is the best that I have seen to help me get through my mess at home.

"I have been dealing with mega-clutter for about 7 or 8 years -- and was building up to it before that -- and this looks like a good solution for me. I am so happy that I found Declutter Fast.

"Thanks again,

"Thank you so much for your program. After living through two years of house renovations, things have never got back to normal.

"When I'm not organised, I get very low and depressed. I need systems to work by, and they all seem to have left me. But I'm sure with help from Declutter Fast, I will finally get my home in "ship shape" again.



"Declutter Fast is excellent, thank you."

-- Karen

"Ms. Tanner,

"Thank you for your reply. I'm looking forward to getting started! I'm a new at-home mom with 3 kids under 3, and I've never been very good at getting (or staying) organized. I'm really hoping Declutter Fast can help-- and quickly, since I have very little time to sit down and read! :)

"Thanks again,


"I am writing for 2 reasons. One is to say that I have bought 'Declutter Fast' by Mimi Tanner, and it is brilliant. She's spot on in everything she says and is really helping me to get my act together with her tips. I only bought Declutter Fast a few days ago but I am so content with it I want to promote it.


"Thank you. I got started today and achieved far more than after reading the myriad of books I have purchased in the past. Hope I can continue."

-- Joan

"Thank you, Mimi!

"I've already read your system over twice! I've read many books on organizing, but I like your ideas and today I'm going to start dealing with the clutter!


"Another of Mimi Tanner's programs which has received positive feedback is "Declutter Fast." Every person who runs a business can be so absorbed in what they are doing that they don't concentrate enough on the clutter of paperwork which tends to develop. Clutter always seems to affect the busiest people, yet clutter-free surroundings are optimal in order to have peace of mind and good productivity."

Dr. Barb Buckley

Inside This Fast, Compelling Teaching, You Will Find Out:

CheckWhat no one talks about but everyone knows - people judge you by your level of clutter, whether you are rich, poor, or in between.

CheckHow to declutter your entire living space or office immediately. The average home can be decluttered in one to two days, tops.

CheckHow you can keep all the stuff you want, yet still be free of your clutter.

CheckWhy the traditional "four-box method" of decluttering doesn't work for many people.

CheckHow to make decluttering truly easy, fast, and stress-free.

CheckThe five-minute solution for procrastination.

CheckHow to organize ALL of life's paperwork!

CheckThe easy way to organize your clothing fast so you'll wear what you love, and love what you wear!

CheckThe 17 Essentials that you need a place for in your home (almost everything in the world comes under one of these headings).

CheckAfter you unclutter your home, how to become one of those Super-Organized, Happy people all the time - the four essentials, for about ten dollars at any office supply store.

"Finally, a simple decluttering method that even an A.D.D.-addled mind like mine can follow! I can already see my way clear of the junk mail, newspapers, and destined-for-Goodwill clothes I've been stockpiling."

-- Terry Hernon
Author and Dating Expert

You don't have to wait for this program to arrive in the mail, because this is all online. You will get the Declutter Fast program immediately. You'll be logging in right after payment. Then it's yours to keep forever.

You will discover:

CheckHow To Declutter in One Day

CheckThe Painless Four-Pass Method of Decluttering

CheckEmergency Decluttering - When Clutter Must VANISH Now!

CheckOrder – The Rarely Talked About Essential

CheckClutter vs. Order is a Battle That We Must Win at All Costs

Clutter-Free HomeCheckClutter Has a Big Mouth – and It Doesn’t Lie

CheckHow Does Your Home Affect the Ones You Love?

CheckThe Secret Fear About Clutter

CheckClutter is Finite – Never Give Up

CheckHow to Declutter When You Don’t Know Where To Start

CheckHow Long Will It Take?

CheckHow to Declutter Fast and Regain Order in Your Life

CheckGetting Sidetracked – the Enemy of Decluttering

CheckThe “ONE-DAY DeClutter Fast Method”

CheckThe "Painless 4-Pass Decluttering Method"

CheckEmergency Decluttering!

CheckThe Keys to Organizing Your Papers

CheckThe Keys to Organizing Your Clothing

CheckThe Five-Minute Solution to Procrastination

CheckThe Keys to Becoming Totally Organized, Literally Overnight

CheckThe Tough-Love Truth About Order vs. Clutter

Overwhelming Raves From Readers

Declutter FastTens of thousands of people have discovered the Declutter Fast Methods - starting in 2006 and still going strong!

Declutter Fast has even been cited on radio and tv shows and in numerous publications, including the Smithsonian Magazine Online!

I have a personal, passionate, lifelong interest in Decluttering.

That's why Declutter Fast will light a fire under you and literally compel you to take action, AND give you tools that you will really use now and in the future.

Declutter Fast WORKS.

You will find that decluttering makes you FEEL BETTER immediately.

I'll also tell you what to do if you get started, but then feel "stuck"!

My goal in writing Declutter Fast is to get your life free of the energy-robbing tyranny of clutter.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg - so much more awaits you when your surroundings bring you joy.

I want you to experience the peace and the power that ORDER can and WILL bring to your life!

With love,

P.S. There are three things that we can do with clutter - set it on fire (not recommended), leave it alone (which causes you stress and makes your life harder) or deal with it - so let's choose to deal with it!

Now let's take care of that clutter once and for all - together!

"I've never commented to anyone about anything I've ordered before. That is until now. I came across your program and have to admit that I was hesitant to purchase it, however, I took the plunge and made the effort and boy am I ever glad I did.

"I have read one or two books on organization but never cover to cover as it was too tedious, somewhat boring and then the plans of action became just too overwhelming (e.g., the four-box method didn't work for me either). Your program is easy to read, understandable and offers totally simple techniques. I read it quickly and put forth the efforts to de-clutter that same week. Matter of fact, I couldn't wait to start de-cluttering.

"I'm actually writing this from a desk that is completely de-cluttered and it feels fabulous. I still have quite a bit of de-cluttering to do, but with your techniques it actually will be kind of fun. Your program made it so much easier for me.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you."
--E. Ross

"This amazing little system made me face that I've been pretending, most of all to myself.

"I've put Mimi's simple method into place and the chaos is rolling away, leaving space for a kinder time."

-- Julie

Houston, Texas

"I love the Declutter Fast method. The more I read, the more I LOVE!!!!!!!

"I'm so excited to get started. I just pray I'm a success!!! (Try, try again...I WILL get it!!!) Thank you SOOOO much for all of your help and encouragement."

-- Ivey

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Declutter Fast: How To Get Your Home In Order Almost Immediately
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